A happy welcome to eco fashion in Paris

With german roots and a cool taste for fashion, she had that chic and unique twist to create her own brand. So, she moved to Paris to make her dream came true.

Her garments look just like her. Natural, relaxed, cool and transparent.  When I first meet her, I had a great impression, the same that with her garments!. And then, when I get to know her, I felt “in good company” and guess what?, the same happened with her garments!. Happy Haus pieces are like an art piece inspired in Sandy Chagnaud, and in each piece you can see the creative director behind.

Happy Haus is a big proof that sustainable and organic fashion can be as cool as the last fashion trend. Congratulations Sandy for your awesome designs and for been part of the change for a more sustainable and fair fashion industry

1) How did Happy Haus emerge?

13 years ago I left Frankfurt in Germany to come to Paris with a dream to one day create a brand which reflects me.
After studying at ESMOD Paris, I first worked with Jean Charles de Castelbajac and then went on to discover a world of more commercial fashion.
That experience made me want to break free of seasons and trends, to create clothes that could be worn all year, year after year. My german roots have made me conscious of our environment and the need to respect it.

It was therefore obvious to create a collection environmentally friendly where all my suppliers would share that same values. I imagined clothes that reflected who I am. Natural, relaxed and feminine.

2) Why the name “Happy Haus”?

Happy Haus is like an open house to work on collaboration with artiste or all engaged people who share the same artistique or ecological values than us.

3) A phrase / motto that inspires you:

respect, love and family

4) Which is the message behind Happy Haus?

Keep care about your life and the planet.

5) If you could tell all the fashion design students put there any advice, what would be?

To be in confiance with his ideas and his style and to search his own inspirations.

6) How is your vision of the parisian concerning the Slow Fashion and slow live movement?

To be honestly the slow fashion live thinking is quite far from the parisien. The just stared take care about Bio food, bio lifestyle and a little bit of ecological responsibility.

They don`t really care about slow fashion but if you are talking about that the love the idea to take care.

I think this is the beginning in France of a new thinking, it s quite «  en mode »  to be more responsible but they are really late compare to the german life style.

7) If you have to tell the people out there that already know about the Slow Fashion movement but perhaps don’t know well how they can start to have a more sustainable life (concerning fashion), what would you recommend? What advice would you give to them?

I think the slow fashion movement is a personal feeling of each person. I could explain my fashion concept, why I have started to change the way to buy my clothes and the origin of my fabrics, to make them more sensible about Slow and conscience fashion. But they have to start by them self and take care about her food and life style and the next step in my opinion is to take care about the way we are wearing our clothes.

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