Lowly tips from Amsterdam streets

Despite its fame for being a party and liberal city by walking in its tiny streets you can discover a different version of Amsterdam. A city that believes in  a sustainable and natural way of life. To begin with, Netherland´s capital has three times more bikes than people, making the bike the preffered means of transport for Amsterdammers. Moreover they support local markets every time possible and they have one of the most famous flowers market in the world. Also, it will only take you a five blocks walk to find a chill out coffee bar with certified fair trade coffee.

Its easy to get lost in Amsterdam´s few streets but not because of the streets names, but for all the artisanal markets, design shops or cozy coffees with tasty dishes that smell great. So if you are planning to visit this unique place in the world, here you have some Lowly tips to take note!.

A place to eat

Tips from Amsterdam

De Bolhoed. With a huge green entrance, this place is one of the best vegan options to have lunch or dinner in Amsterdam. A friendly chill out enviroment where the dishes are big enough, inlcude natural and fresh ingredients and are prepared in the moment. For the record, they are pet friendly! In case you want to go with your bestie.

A sustainable fashion brand to know

Tips from Amsterdam

Noumenon. A local  PETA approved vegan fashion brand  that creates both trendy and atemporal garments. Their pieces are fresh and for young spirit girls. They believe you can have cool pieces that last by mixing and matching with other pieces of your closet. So if you want to “change the game” as they say, you now know a place that is responsible and cruelty free to start looking.

For second chances

Tips from Amsterdam

Vintage Kilo Shop. This place has all sort of vintage pieces that can make your closet unique with one of a kind pieces. So if you want to have vintage treasures I think this is one of those places. All you have to do is weight your choices and pay according to their grams. This is a cool way to give a second chance to garments that otherwise will end up in textile landfills.

Crave some coffee?

Tips from Amsterdam

Juice & Salad. From certified fair trade coffee to natural salads, this place has a lot of healthy options to taste. You can enjoy the view from the huge windows or you can take away what you want and go to a park. They also have delicious, natural and healthy bites and juices. And as locals do, if they need to deliver, of course they will do it by bike.

A must seen 

Tips from Amsterdam

Van Gogh museum. Ok, this is not exactly a slow tip, however if you enjoy art and design as me you must visit this museum!. The museum’s collection is the largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and drawings in the world. And you can walk out realy inspired to make your own art!. Moreover, the park next to the museum it’s a perfect place to take a rest and  enjoy the nature around.

A place for a present or a personal treat to give you

Tips from Amsterdam

Stedelijk museum. If you follow my last tip, in front of Van Gogh museum is Stedelijk museum (about contemporary art and design). Unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit it, but despite that I had some minutes to visit their shop. I always enjoy visiting the museum shops  because they usually have unique pieces and new designers to discover. And this one wasn’t the exception! You canfind really interesting stuff, such as books, bags and home decoration, and you are supporting new local artists.

A market

Tips from Amsterdam

Bloemenmarkt.  As you may know, Netherlands is also known for the tulips, and this famous market is completely full of all kind of tulips that smell delicious and it is also a visit that is really worthy!. It’s a perfect place to buy typical gifts from Amsterdam (yes, I flew from Amsterdam to Uruguay with tulips in my suitcase and I didn’t have any problem, just make sure you buy the ones that are vaccum packed) or a treat to yourself. Besides that this way you are supporting a huge local business with nature as the main character. Trust me the tulips you can find are unique and difficult to find in other places.

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