Lowly tips from Antwerp

I remember saying to myself: the first chance you have to go to Europe, you must go to Antwerp. I have been always intrigued by this city and how it managed to have such world-known designers and artists with creative and original minds. Therefore, as a fashion designer student, I must visit this place.

As Antwerp is not a very popular destination for tourists like Milan or Paris, I didn’t have much expectations and tips of places or “must do” in this city. So I was really excited that everything would be a surprise. And at the end, I was fascinated of this place and the quantity of slow shops and eco stuff I found!.  There is even a eco food shop with all kind of snacks (including Belgium raw chocolate of course) in the unique and wonderful Antwerp Central  Train Station, which is one of the must see attractions in Antwerp.

I truly recommend everyone to visit Antwerp and get enchanted with this unique city (by the way, the best Airbnb in which I have stayed so far). Also, the fact that is not so big helps you to know all its corners and unique places in a eco and healthy way: walking. Moreover, Antwerp is known for its delicious chocolate and French fries, but in addition to that, it has a lot of cool design and art places, eco and slow shops and spots to discover. Finally, for all the jewelry lovers, Antwerp has the most important diamond shopping center of the world! (algun dato sobre los diamantes). So you can easily find a great variety of them at different prices.

Take notes from this slow spots I recommend you to visit and the next time you are planning to make a tour, a weekend getaway or a Europe travel, give Antwerp a chance. I swear you won’t regret it ;).

A place to eat


Exki: It’s a fast food kind of restaurant but all the food is natural and healthy. In addition to their food, all the decoration and stuff are made thinking about the planet. Their cutlery is made of wood, their trays are made with bio-waste and paper, and even their lamps are made out of ice cream sticks!.  They use the quote: “Re-duce, Re-use, Re- cycle, Re-think” to encourage you to be a slower consumer.

Crave some coffee?


Kaffeenini: They have delicious cakes and coffee that are served with a free waffle as a treat. They care about their costumers and how could they spend a good time in their shop. A nice place to make a break and taste some of their delicious variety of sweet things with a local and tasty coffee.

A must see


Modemuseum: Especially the ones that love design and fashion, this museum is a must . I got impressed with all the garments shown on the exhibition, especially the details of the clothes that turn them into cool and original pieces!. Antwerp is known because of the “The Antwerp Six” and if you visit this place you will find out why.  

A place for a present or a personal treat to give you


The other shop: From pencils you could plant after finish them to pencil cases made out of paper, this is the typical shop to be surprised by funny and functional design stuff to décor your house or as essential everyday pieces. I bought plant pencils and a map that you can scrach with a coin the countries that you have visited.

For reading lovers


IMS (International Magazine Store): Especially for the ones that love reading, this is your paradise!. All kind of books and magazines can be found here!. I remember I buy my first slow magazines in this store: Cereal, Kinfolk, Another escape, Bare, you name it!.

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