Lowly tips from Berlin

If I have to pick a word it will be contrast!. Berlin was one of the most changing and diverse cities I had ever been. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much more than a huge, modern and cold city but as soon as I arrived, I realized I was completely wrong!. Of course Berlin is well known for his huge wall that as a tourist you must see, but the amount of art pieces and slow spots will wow you!. A lot of well-known artists and designers choose Berlin to express themselves through graffitis (best I have ever seen), art exhibitions, music festivals or private shows. Expect to find huge master pieces all around Berlin´s streets!.

As Berlin had to be reinvented almost from scrap, nowadays you can see a very modern and neat city. But historical places and architecture can still be found almost everywhere!. Another interesting fact about Berlin is that it is really easy to find slow spots!. Berlin is one of the most developed cities regarding sustainability. Finding slow fashion designers or searching for a healthy and sustainable spot to eat wasn’t hard at all!. If you are planning to visit Berlin, one of my best tips will be: go to different neighborhoods and get lost!. Because you feel like visiting different countries as you walk Berlin´s streets!. While visiting every corner, here are some slow spots where you could stop by:

A place to eat

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Dean & David: A nice and big place where you can find a lot of veggie options to enjoy there or take away. The food is delicious and fresh and they have local-made fresh juices to detox your body too.

For asian food lovers

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Gayaya: This is a perfect place for vegan or veggies that love asian food. The plates are huge and they have a lot of uncommon options.

A must see

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Haus Schwarzenberg: It´s a non-profit place with his walls full of graffitis made by local and international artists. You can drink some coffee or see what is on display as they always have local art exihibtions.

For design lovers

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Bauhaus Archive: The Bauhaus university was one of the most important schools for art and design disciplines. Before the Bauhaus school there werent disciplines as graphic and industrial design as we know nowadays. You can find a museum with a library, cafeteria, exhibitions and other kind of activities so if you are a designer or art lover, you must go!.

A place for a present or a personal treat to give you

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Grune Erde: From mattresses to fashion clothes you could find a lot of random stuff ethically made and with organic and natural materials. I bought my #30wears challenge garment here.

For second chances

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Humana: One of the many second and vinatge places with a huge selecction of clothes and accesories in Berlin. They have a cool aestethic with unique vintages pieces. I found really interesting that they have special hand-tags for the garments that were made out with natural materials.

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