Slow tips from Paris streets

With huge streets and unique buildings, walking around Paris makes you in another planet. Where every corner has a chic detail, from light posts to comfy vintage tables in the sidewalk, inviting you to drink a hot coffee while appreciating the view. You won’t find a street or park in Paris without vintage chairs or large benches to sit and take a minute for yourself, to hold your breath and inhale peace.

Despite the magical, historical and luxurious trending places you can find in Paris, there are also a lot of local, slow and sustainable options to visit and taste if you have the opportunity. So, for all the Paris lovers, here are some slow tips to enjoy a slow visit:


A place to eat: Brasserie Lola. If you are a veggie fan, this is your place!. Their menu is 100% vegetarian but also with some vegan options too. Located in a cool but quiet neighborhood, it’s a great choice to enjoy a healthy meal with an adorable street view.


In case you want to make a picinic: Champ de Mars. Grab some take away food from an eco market and head to this park. You would enjoy eating slow food with the typical Paris view, the amazing Eiffel tower.


A fashion place where to buy: Kilo shop kawaii. As I always say, you never know the treasures you could find in a second hand shop. In this one, you buy according to the clothes´ weight. They have a cool selection of vintage pieces!.


A place to rest: Le jardin du Luxembourg. Seriously I have never seen such a magical and unique park!. The details, the fount, the colors of the flowers and the unique French way of cutting trees and decorating a garden makes you feel you are in a royal garden. Tip: Try to have breakfast here!, One of the best ways to start the day indeed.


In case you follow my previous tip: La Croissanterie. It’s a local and fair trade coffee shop near Le Jardin du Luxembourg. So, pick up your breakfast here and enjoy the beautiful park after walking for about 5 minutes (or less).


A must seen: Versalles. Talking about French style and gardens, I think it’s one of those places you could not die without visiting it!. It’s a magical and sooo cool way to see how nature could wow you with all those gardens, founts, paths and infinite garden.


A food market: Naturalia. Luckily you can find a lot of sustainable and eco markets, this one in particular has a delicious “patisserie”.


A place for a present or a personal treat to give you: The give shop of Center Pompidou. As unique and creative as the design and art pieces of the museum are, you can find unique objects such as flower vases that seems to be paper bags and water bottles that resembles a grenade.

Do you find these tips useful?

If so, you can find more fashion and slow tips from a local sustainable fashion blogger i met in Paris, here!

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