Finding slow spots in a “fairy tale” city

Many people refer to Prague as a city taken form a fairy tale, and as soon as I step my first foot in its streets, I realized why. The best definition of Prague for me is “a place where magic and feeling like a cartoon or another century character could be completely true”.

Prague took me back to my childhood. More exactly, to the hours I spent reading those 3D books that when you turn around the page, a building comes alive in a 3D impression. Adding to this, the noise of horses walking around with huge floats, the unique noise of the astrology clock, laughs and people chatting everywhere, made me feel like in one of those magical books.

The narrow streets, the beautiful and unique buildings, the castle and the astronomy clock, make you feel you are in the middle of a maze where every corner you walk in, you will be surprised with something. And this was how I felt while searching for “slow food” or unique slow spots.

So, if you are planning to visit this magic city or you already live there, you must visit this spots!:

A fashion brand where to shop: Atelier Melia Marchi. Is one of the few designers that works with natural materials, where every design has unique details, every garment is locally made and you can order your own designs.

An artwork to see: John Lennon Wall. Located in Velkopřevorské náměstí  park, is a symbol of peace and freedom expression.

A place to eat: Staroměstská restaurant. One of the places that has a great variety of typical Czech dishes. I ordered “Smažený sýr” that is a must try to all the potato and cheese lovers.

A market place: Havelské tržiště Market. From fresh blackberries to beautiful chocolate boxes with typical monuments of Prague, you can enjoy this local market placed in one large street surrounded by historical monuments. Kind of a local must to do while you enjoy some fresh air as well.

A place for a present or a personal treat to give you: Manufaktura. They have unique shampoos, lotions and other type of personal treats to give to yourself. I recommend the natural and local shampoo made with wine or beer! Yes, you read it right.

A fashion design must: Dyzajn Market. If you are looking for local made stuff, this is the place where you could find them. From bags made out of seat belts to accessories made out of skateboard pieces, each stand has an unique proposal. Many of them with a recycle proposal.

A place to rest: Prague castle. Besides the majesty of the building, and walking there feeling like a queen, in the top you can enjoy one of Prague´s most awesome views.

If you believe in…: You must touch ONLY the dog image (not the women´s) to make a wish or Saint John Nepomuceno´s statue at Charles Bridge to visit Prague again.

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