The first sustainability Marie Claire issue came out and this is what you have to know!

In the cover you can read “Fashion to the rescue” and “Green beauty now”. Two sentences that got me from the first moment, but the choice of Dolce & Gabbana as the cover look made think. It looks like a sustainable issue but, it’s this really a sustainable issue or is just marketing strategy? And after 140 pages this is what I found out…

Need some love

Marie Claire first sustainability issue


Pages full of L´Oreal, Sephora or Djula publicity products don’t wow me to find but, couldn’t at least show some of the many organic, natural and sustainable beauty products that are in the market?. All I could found was a brand that make products with Macadamia nuts and few organic sunscreen from the 10 pages dedicated to “organic beauty products that really works”. The rest was publicity, how to make at-home hair dye (not talking about organic dyes) and opinions of different women’s about how they like their make-up.

Despite this, it was great to know that Jessica Biel, with other 5 business partners, open a sustainable restaurant “Au Fudge” in West Hollywood last year where they use organic, locally sourced ingredients, eco-friendly toys for kids, and engages in environmentally friendly energy and waste practices. But why, knowing she is interested in sustainable matters the only part that talks about these issues is just one paragraph of 5 sentences?. All the rest is about her life, her new movie and her family. Wasn’t this the “sustainability issue?”.

Also, I really appreciate the tips giving in some pages of this Marie Claire issue partnered with Natural Resources Defense Council to help safeguard our planet. “Up to 40 percent of all US grown food gets tossed out. To cut waste: Eat leftovers for lunch; make stock with vegetable scraps; compost”. But why this one was one of the just 6 tips of the whole issue with 140 pages?.

Or what about the “treasure trove” section? Despite the awesome looks and styles, I only saw high brands products like Channel, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo and Dior, among others. Not specially sustainable or eco fashion treasure troves… The same as in the “@play” section with chill out plans such as movies, books, series or events to attend and no one concerning sustainable topics…

On one hand… on the other hand

Marie Claire first sustainability issue

“Sustainability shouldn’t be a blame game… instead of shaming companies about not making more of an effort, we should champion every little step they´re taking in the right direction” said Miroslava Duma on the interview with Nina Garcia, creative director of Marie Claire. Miroslava Duma is a good defender of sustainable solutions, in my humble opinion. She is known for her Fashion Tech Lab, a platform that works hand by hand with technology and sustainable fashion solutions and she is the owner of The Tot, a business that only sells toxic free and eco-friendly products.

I agree with her opinion but, what happens when brands only “believe” in sustainable fashion in the easier and cheapest way possible?. Choosing eco fabrics to work with but why don’t stop choosing the toxic ones too?. Or have a eco fashion collection but made in sweat shops from Bangladesh?. This is just a marketing strategy to have more consumers, you can’t be sustainable with one hand but with the other just keep trashing…

After some reading, I reached the “101 ideas” section from Nina Garcia that starts with this line: “ I admit, given inspired options its almost impossible to resist. But this month, we´re going one step further… To champion those working to change that, we´re highlighting brands that are leading the way toward a sustainable future by helping us make more conscious choices”. And with all the happiness that reflection was giving me, I turned the page looking for more and instead found a huge Nordstrom publicity that disappointed me.

“Brand new, on trend, on sale” you can read and the publicity warm you to be hurry before you regret it… Are this the kind of publicity with the one we want to raise awareness of the consumerism impact in the fashion industry? Buying impulsively and in a fast way letting us carry for the discounts instead of what we need or the times we are really going to wear that stuff?.


Marie Claire first sustainability issue


Despite my previous disappointment for the “101 ideas” section, I found out eco and cool brands. Like AMUR, working exclusively with organic and upcycled fabrics, Future Glory, that crafts its bags out of discarded leather by-products and donate a portion of sales to women who have suffered abuse and the best part, pieces from a Uruguayan designer: Gabriela Perezutti working with deadstock fabrics in limited quantities to reduce and recycle.

By far, I think the best section of this issue is “Fashioning the future” showing 12 forward thinkers that want to be part of the solution from fashion industry. Don’t really surprised me to find Emma Watson as the sustainable warrior she is, picking out only sustainable options with every look she wears. Stella McCartney the fashion designer that push herself season to season in making more sustainable collections from new eco materials and sustainable sources. But it was good to show such big references behind huge brands that are trying to make the world a better place to live.

And the interview with Adrian Grenier was really inspiring!. I really didn’t knew about his ONG, Lonely Whale , that brings people closer to the ocean through education, awareness & inspiration. And I love the campaign #StopSucking concerning about the problem that just plastic straws cause to the oceans. Did you know just in the USA 500 million of them are used EVERY day!?. Plastic straws can end up in our ocean, harming sea life and polluting our water.

To sum up

Marie Claire first sustainability issue

Long story short… I want to highlight two sentences from this issue. As Miroslava Duma said: “A third of Millennials say they´re more likely to buy from companies that are mindful of social responsibilities”. So this, just show us how the future generations are starting to be conscious consumers, and they are the future!. So this is just another good reason to care more about what’s happening with the fashion industry and how we can help to change it.

But as I said before I don’t agree with her clap clap every little step any brand is making in this conscious way if they don’t really mean it. So, its ok that Marie Claire start thinking and showing us projects, brands and influencers for a good cause but I don’t believe or consider this issues as sustainable as they say it is. Like the own Lindsay Talbot say in this issue: “Trends in fashion may come and go, but taking care and being mindful of the environment is one trend that defies all seasons”. So please, next time show us this in all the 140 pages and not just in a few ones. Otherwise, its paint from the same brush.

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